Support & Parts Manuals

For over thirty four years, Boniface Engineering have been supplying quality recovery equipment to a world market. 

In today's climate our customers need to increase efficiency, maximise operational time and reduce costs. 

It is with this added pressure that our dedicated team of engineers and designers strive to bring you the most up to date equipment in the market. 

Whatever you operate, we have the experience and the skills to help keep you recovering!

Repair & Technical Support

Kevin Eagleton

Parts Line


The New Dimension

Now Boniface Engineering can bring you the complete package with the introduction of its new service department. 

With our experienced engineers, mobile service engineers, technical advice over the phone and a group of carefully selected independent engineers at our disposal, you and your truck are never far away from expert assistance.

The Service Strategy

At Boniface, we are aware that every operator’s needs are different and with this in mind we are able to offer a range of service products from one off inspections and services to dedicated fleet service packages, tailored to suit your requirements.

Parts Manuals

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