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Boniface T35

Maximize your profits transporting small cars and motorcycles with the Boniface T35 Slidebed. Designed and built on a 3.5T GVW chassis, this reliable lightweight unit provides excellent fuel economy and eliminates the need for a tachograph or speed limiter.  Virtually anyone with a car license can drive it solving many staffing issues.

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The proven roll tip design is simple to operate with a single button on the radio remote control that tips and slides the bed to provide a low load angle for loading and unloading vehicles, making it ideal for general transportation as well as accident damaged cars. The T35 incorporates a galvanised frame for longer life and retains the OEM axles and running gear. Adjustable air bags are added to the rear suspension to provide a smooth ride.


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  • Aluminium Deck
  • Extra Large Aluminium Safety Side Raves
  • Shovel Tail Design for Lower Approach Angle
  • Bed Rollers Mounted in End of Deck
  • Galvanised Frame (Retains OEM Axles & Running Gear)
  • 12 Volt Power Pack
  • 4 Litre Hydraulic Oil Tank
  • 4 Function Radio Remote Control
  • Simple One Button Operation
  • Manual Winch Free Spool
  • 4 Way Winch Roller Guide
  • Crash Bars Mounted at Winch with Rubber Bumpers
  • Rear Suspension Assist Air Bags
  • LED Marker Lights Fitted into Side Raves (3 Per Side)
  • Beacon Fitted to Cab Roof
  • Work Lights Mounted on Deck (1 Per Side)
  • 4 Ratchet Straps with Soft Eyes
  • Mounted Plastic Locker
  • Plastic Rear Mudguards w/ Mudflaps
  • 8 Lashing Rings on Deck (4 Per Side)
  • Heavy Duty Electric Winch


  • Additional Plastic Locker
  • Air Compressor Kit for Air Bags
  • Wrecker Kit Stowed (Broom, Shovel & 6 Safety Cones)
  • Jump Leads
  • Jump Socket
  • LED Strobes Fitted into Front Grill (2x Amber)
  • LED Strobes at Rear (2x Amber)
  • LED Beacon and Work Lights
  • Lightweight Motorcycle Frame



Bed Length: 4.6M
Bed Width: 2.05M
Bed Rating: 1.5 Tonne UDL
Minimum Load Angle: 7 Degrees (Depending on Chassis)
Bed Construction: Aluminium Extrusions

Winch Capacity: 2.25 Tonne (EN14492 Compliant)
Cable Diameter & Length: 8mm x 30M
Cable Rating: 4.5 Tonne MBL

Important: All ratings are based on structural factors only, not vehicle capacities or capabilities. Specifications shown are approximations and may vary depending on chassis selected. Miller Industries Towing Equipment Inc. reserves the right to change or modify product and/or specifications without notice or obligation. Some equipment shown is optional.


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