Boniface Engineering

Boniface Engineering Ltd

Howlett Way
Fison Way Industrial Estate
Thetford, Norfolk
IP24 1HZ
United Kingdom

Miller Industries Inc.

8503 Hilltop Drive
Ooltewah, TN 37363
United States of America

Jige International

25, rue du dépôt

Founded in 1982 the company has always specialized in the manufacture of vehicle recovery equipment. In the early days all the products were designed and developed by Boniface.

Miller Industries (USA) acquired Boniface Engineering in 1996; many of the products installed today at Thetford originate from Miller factories in the USA and France.  Miller Industries is the world’s largest manufacturer of towing and recovery equipment and include the brand names Century, Challenger, Holmes, Eagle, Jige, Boniface, Chevron, Vulcan and Champion.

There are three sites in close proximity of each other located along Howlett Way.

42 Howlett Way is home to the Fabrication shop where the main equipment is manufactured and the Engineering & Design office.  Separated by a walkway is the Body shop where the team manufactures bodies from stainless steel to meet the customer's specification.

46 Howlett Way is the home of the Finishing Shop - where vehicles are completed after they have been painted.  Every vehicle is individually tested and certified to meet the exacting company production standards as well as the various legislative standards.

Also on this site, on September 29 2005 the company opened its showcase 10,000sq ft assembly shop where the hydraulics and pneumatics are installed and tested and the equipment is installed onto the chassis.

One point to note is that every heavy vehicle manufactured at Boniface differs in some way, this is part of the unique bespoke service offered to our customers.

62 Howlett Way is home to reception and all the administration offices, our extensive Stores and the Transporter Workshop where a specialist team of engineers build a wide range of steel and aluminium transporters. 

The company has invested heavily in the environmental control, especially with the introduction of a controlled waste water wash bay, linked into the foul water system and monitored by Anglian Water.

Boniface Engineering Ltd prides itself for its equal opportunities policy, committed to training and development of employees at all levels.

This process of in-house training and development is the strength behind providing top quality and reliable recovery equipment.  It also contributes to ensuring Boniface Engineering Ltd maintains its strength as brand leader in the UK and enables our expansion in line with the company business plan and long term objectives - to maintain Boniface as market leaders in the development and design of recovery equipment.

Today we are working hard to further develop our sales into Europe and with our colleagues at Miller, developing a heavy recovery vehicle dedicated to the Military market worldwide.

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