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Century 1140

The Century  1140 40-ton rotator is designed to be a versatile yet weight-conscious unit for towing and recovery. The Century 1140 comes standard with dual 35,000 lb planetary winches and a fabricated 3-stage recovery boom.

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The 1140 unit provides the operator with 360 degrees of boom rotation (190 degrees in each direction). The 1140 come standard with the SDU-4 underlift with the standard lowrider and can be upgraded to the Coach LowRider for nearly two feet of additional reach.


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  • Large Forward Compartments
  • Dual Speed Winches
  • Power Toolbox Compartment Locks
  • LED Toolbox Lighting
  • Mud Flaps
  • Gas Door Checks
  • Fork Stowage Bracket
  • Bubble Angle Indicators
  • “D” Rings on each Stage of the Boom
  • 1st Stage “D” Rings on the Tailboard
  • Safety Chains
  • Power Protections Valves
  • 1 Set of “D” ring Camlocks
  • 3-Stage Rear Hydraulic Outriggers
  • Tailboard Air/Electrical Hookups
  • Body Door Locks
  • Remote Control for Underlift
  • Door Checks
  • Rubber Fenderettes
  • Side Work lights
  • Dual Control Stations for Legs
  • Pressure Gauges
  • LED Tool Compartment Lights
  • 2 Position House Lock with Indicators
  • House Lock Window
  • Rear Outriggers Spade Attachment
  • Aluminium Modular Body w/ Rubber Mounting Isolators
  • Adjustable Shelves
  • LED Body Lighting
  • Chain Stowage
  • Tailboard Fork & Chain Stowage
  • Aluminium Tread-Plate Walkway
  • Hour Meter
  • Hydraulic Pump
  • Front Outriggers
  • Large Outrigger Pads
  • Rotator Pylon Flyer
  • “D” Ring Package
  • Quick Connect Air
  • Safety Chain Roller


  • 360° Boom Rotation / 190° Each Direction
  • Cable Tie Back (Boom)
  • Power Elevation
  • Power Extension
  • Boom Elevation & Extension Holding Valve
  • Proportioning Power Boom Extension with Counter Balance Valve
  • Air Activated House Lock, Secures Boom In Rear Or Forward Position For Transport
  • Boom Slide Pads
  • 360° Sheave Heads
  • Dual 2-Speed Planetary Winches
  • Air Cable Tensioners
  • Winch Air Free Spool
  • Boom Angle Indicator
  • “D” Rings Mounted on Each Stage


  • Boniface H-Maxireach Lowline
  • Boniface I Lowline
  • Coach Low Rider Underlift
  • Low Profile 70° Pivoting Heavy Duty Fabricated Lift Bar
  • 3-Stage Design
  • Power Elevation
  • Power Extension
  • Power Tilt
  • Hydraulic Fold
  • 9 Sets Of Cast Steel Forks
  • Low Profile Fork Holders
  • Pivoting Spring Lift Adapters
  • Upper/Lower Thrust Washer
  • Hook Adapters
  • 2 Piece Pivot Pin


  • Sumo Sidewinder Front Legs
  • Sidewinder Mk3 Front Legs
  • Sidewinder SP850 Front Legs
  • Front Mounted 2-Stage H-Beam Outriggers 212” Stance (1150S)
  • Front Mounted 3-Stage H-Beam Outriggers (Standard On 1150S & 1150R)
  • Air Shift PTO
  • Manual Override Control for PTO
  • Additional Lift Forks
  • Tailboard Underlift Controls
  • Chain Package
  • Endless Loop Sling Package
  • Driver Side Manual Controls
  • Halogen Work & Hook-Up Lighting
  • 24”, 30”, 36”, 48” Saddle Tunnel Box
  • Aluminium Dress-Up Kits
  • Stainless Steel Dress Up Kit
  • Chain Rack Carousel
  • Extension Stowage Compartment
  • Snatch Blocks
  • Snatch Block Stowage Rack
  • Wide Load Light Bar
  • Rear Camera & Monitor
  • Cab Control System
  • Convenience Group (Rails & Steps)
  • Offset Fork Holder Extension
  • 3-Drawer Toolbox
  • 4-Drawer Toolbox
  • Folding Wash-down Sink
  • Heavy Duty Tyre Lift
  • Fork Riser Brackets
  • Pintle Hook Attachment
  • Trailer Ball Adapter (Requires Pintle Hook Attachment)
  • 5th Wheel Plate (Requires Pintle Hook Attachment)
  • Low Pull “D” Ring Kit
  • Recovery Straps
  • Light Bar
  • Xenon Boom Lights
  • Strobe Kits
  • Rear Air & Electrical Hook-Ups
  • Central locking for Lockers
  • Chain Hook Slide Adapter
  • Tailboard Cable Tiebacks
  • Additional Lighting
  • Stainless Steel Fenderettes
  • Front Outrigger Side Pull Attachment
  • Foundry Hooks
  • Shackles
  • Spreader Bar
  • Rotator “D” Ring Package
  • Winch Bucket Mounted Aluminium Tubular Pylon Flyer
  • Water Tank Kit
  • 212” RXP Front Outriggers
  • Dual 15K Turret Mounted Winches
  • 35K or 50K Belly Drag WInch
  • Load Sensing System
  • Radio Proportional Illuminated Controls
  • Tunnel Box Shelf
  • Tunnel Box Attachment Stowage



Boom Structural Retracted Rating At 30° 36,287kg (80,000lbs)
Boom Structural Extended Rating At 30° 9,071kg (20,000lbs)
Maximum Boom Extension 5,486mm
Maximum Hook Height 10845mm
Boom Maximum Angle 60°
Boom Rotation Angle 190°


  SDU-4 H-Maxireach Lowline I-Lowline
Underlift Rating Extended 7711kg  (17000lb) by 3556mm 9000kg by 4295mm 9000kg by 3747mm
Underlift Rating Retracted 24947kg (55000lb) by 1371mm 33000kg by 1995mm 33000kg by 1813mm
Underlift Extendable By 2185mm (hydraulic) 2300mm (hydraulic) 1934mm (hydraulic)


Rating (First Layer, Each Winch) 15,875 kg
Diameter And Length (Each Winch) 19mm x 60m

Important: All ratings are based on structural factors only, not vehicle capacities or capabilities. Specifications shown are approximations and may vary depending on chassis selected. Miller Industries Towing Equipment Inc. reserves the right to change or modify product and/or specifications without notice or obligation. Some equipment shown is optional.


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