Two More Boniface VLA’s Join the Richford Fleet

Two More Boniface VLA’s Join the Richford Fleet


As one of the UK’s largest recovery operators, Richford Motor Services are an extremely well-known, well-respected company within the industry.  Richford currently have 11 depots located throughout the country with their impressive head office, control room and workshops located in Alfreton, Derbyshire. Their fleet of over 300 vehicles is continually updated and is very clean, modern, well maintained and extremely well equipped – meaning they can easily cope with any situation they are faced with. Richford strive to provide exceptional customer service and have a reputation for getting the job done, both quickly and efficiently. Constant re-investment into the business allows the fleet to remain state-of-the-art whilst steadily growing in number – enabling them to take on new customers and contracts without compromising their exemplary standards.

As you would expect from such a large well-established business, Richford constantly have new vehicles in build and are expecting many more light and heavy vehicles to be delivered over the coming months.  Pictured are another two MAN 12-250 crew cabs fitted with Boniface 5t aluminium VLA slidebeds and 2nd car lifts. With 70 VLA’s already on the fleet, Richford are extremely confident in the VLA’s ability to get the job done.  All their vehicles including this one, have been built to Richford’s exact requirements and all include numerous optional extras to make life easier and safer for the operator.  These latest vehicles are fitted with greedy ramps which allow a casualty vehicle to be positioned over the winch - maximising deck length, 2000Kg capacity 2nd car lift, side winching points, wheel skates, wrecker kit, radio remote control with cab mounted holder & buzzer, LED strobes, LED beacon, LED work lights, jump leads and much more.

All Boniface slidebeds feature galvanised sub-frames and tilt-frames which help prolong equipment life and many are available with a choice of either steel or aluminium decks. The aluminium VLA deck features flat side raves meaning that the full width of the bed can be used when loading extremely wide vehicles.

To find out more about the VLA slidebed or any other Boniface product, call one of our friendly team on 01842 754232. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for all our latest news and developments.

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