They don’t call it Roy’s Autos for nowt!

They don’t call it Roy’s Autos for nowt!


Roy’s Auto have increased their fleet of heavy recovery vehicles with the addition of a Volvo FH 540 fitted with the Boniface Recoverer Trident. Boniface have had a long association with Roy’s Autos, having previously supplied equipment to Roy, we are pleased to continue this longstanding relationship with Mark and Paul. The vehicle is finished in spectacular detail with airbrushed images of the range of recovery vehicles that are included in their fleet, all Boniface.

The choice of equipment was not based solely on the long association with Boniface but on the technical benefits that the Recoverer Trident offers. A 3 stage progressive extending recovery boom. A long, low underlift that has set the market standard for many years. Stainless steel bodies that have been hand crafted to suit the customer’s requirements and match the aesthetics of the vehicle.

The Volvo chassis is of a high specification, Boniface added the finishing touches to its already dominating profile, with the addition of multiple lights fitted around the cab and across the body. Stainless steel handrails and running boards add definition to the finish as you move rearwards, accentuating the sleek lines of the tri-step profile.

The finished vehicle is both a tribute to Roy’s Autos and Boniface.

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