NYR chooses Interstater Continental

NYR chooses Interstater Continental


There is a trend in the UK for customers to request body styles that are similar to those often seen in Europe, stepped up to align with the cab roof. NYR have been leading this movement with all of the latest additions to their fleet being styled this way.

Custom built bodies are a speciality of Boniface who, for over 30 years, have been crafting bodies to meet their customers’ requirements. The latest supplied to NYR is manufactured from stainless steel and provides cavernous space for the operators to stow all the accessories and attachments required to provide a versatile service to their customers.

LED lighting, stainless steel trims and protection plates all add to appearance and practicality, Boniface will tailor all these features to meet their customers’ demands.

This latest addition to the NYR fleet is a DAF 105 XF510 6 X 2 with hub reduction onto which an Interstater MK6H has been installed, a heavy duty recovery unit with outboard rear stabilisers and twin winches.

One of the key features of the Interstater equipment is the Maxireach Lowline underlift, a long low powerful boom that is a Boniface design specified by users the world over. The performance of the underlift is a key selling point of Boniface, who have a huge amount of experience in producing both custom build bodies and heavy recovery equipment.

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