New Boniface Recoverer Trident for DJ Spall Recovery Assistance

New Boniface Recoverer Trident for DJ Spall Recovery Assistance


DJ Spall Recovery Assistance have recently become part of the Nationwide Assistance Group and as a part of that investment and growth, this stunning New Generation DAF XF fitted with a Boniface Recover Trident 9055 is joining the fleet.  DJ Spall Recovery Assistance are based in Suffolk with a footprint covering the Suffolk and Norfolk areas so keep an eye out for this truck with its stunning livery.

The Recoverer Trident has been carefully engineered to provide exceptional recovery capability using its heavy-duty top boom whilst being light enough to be used for everyday lift and tow work.  It features dual 50,000lb capacity twin speed winches, power tilt and is available with a range of underlift booms from Miller Industries or, as seen on this vehicle, the longest - lowest Maxireach Lowline K boom manufactured by Boniface.  With the safety of the operator always being a priority for Mick Jennings, Managing Director of Nationwide Assistance Group, this vehicle was fitted with additional pathway lights on the body providing illumination to the working areas around the truck. Docking lights illuminate the rear wheel areas for ease of manoeuvring and reversing whilst additional strobes and marker lights on the rear facing body step downs ensure the operator will be well seen on those dark wet nights. A large combination strobe and work light was also fitted to the top of the air connection plates above the rear legs. Boniface under body light bars were installed and painted white to match the body, further enhancing the overall look of the vehicle and making it stand out from the crowd.

This build is one of many vehicles that Mick currently has on order with Boniface Engineering and they would like to thank Mick and his team again for their continued business and support.

To find out more about the Recoverer Trident or any other Boniface product, give one of our friendly sales team a call on 01842 754232. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to keep up to date with all our latest news and information.

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