Light work for Lee Hire and their Latest Light City

Light work for Lee Hire and their Latest Light City


Based in Brighton, LH Recovery Ltd and Lee Hire Ltd, offer a comprehensive 24 hour breakdown and recovery service fleet covering the South East and South coast of England, alongside an extensive garage service network. One thing Lee Hire have been known for since 2014 is their Ford F450 with a Miller Industries Century 312 supplied and installed through Boniface Engineering.

While looking at options to increase their fleet with another stand out vehicle, the Jige Light City available through Boniface Engineering became the latest must have. This vehicle had to come with a high spec and cover everything that would be needed to service both the rural areas around Brighton, along with the busy south coast. Both residents and tourists in Brighton and surrounding areas rely on Lee Hire’s well trained team to come to their aid for a number of problems and this Light City covers everything. The Isuzu D-Max DL20 cab benefits from suicide doors and rear seating but that’s just the start for this one. Including a full 4 drawer toolbox, 12/24V jump pack with charging dock along with jump leads & sockets in the lockers and a full collapsible roadside toolkit. The equipment benefits from a full radio remote control system to both the winch and recovery boom which on this build comes with hydraulic express Jaws. Stowed on this vehicle is also a ground anchor plate for increased winching possibilities and a towball to give maximum flexibility on the 6.5T GTW to tow trailers, caravans and more.

With changes to licensing in recent years, the Light City is showing to become an incredibly versatile option on the recovery industry through it’s increased number of options on how and what it can recover along with the ability to carry increased tooling for roadside service work. Add this to the compact side, low height and 4 wheel drive system these vehicles can go places no others can.

For further information on the Light City or any other Boniface, Miller or Jige product, give one of our friendly staff a call on 01842 754232. If you haven’t already, follow us on Facebook and Instagram to keep up to date with all our latest news and information.

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