R D Avery of Blandford near Salisbury are a long standing friend of Boniface Engineering, so when Ray called to say he was looking at the new model DAF at last year’s Commercial Vehicle show we arranged a meeting at the show to talk to DAF and get the specification right on the new unit.

R D Avery are the first to have the new generation DAF XF 530 and the order was placed at the show for the DAF chassis and the INTERSTATER MK6 K.

Once the order was placed with us Stewart from RD Avery was hands on getting the vehicle stowages tailored to suit their requirements and worked closely with the staff at Boniface to create a fine looking truck inside and out, with every item of equipment stowed in the correct place.

The internals of the lockers can be seen on our Facebook pages along with other projects.

The INTERSTATER MK 6 is a twin winch 33t unit, out-board hydraulic stabilizers and the new K boom which gives higher performance than the old H boom allowing the operator to power in and out under 9t of load. This is a class leading product which shows Boniface Engineering commitment to raising the standards of recovery equipment.

As always the body is made from stainless steel and was custom built to suit the requirements of the customer and as you can see it is a great looking vehicle, hardworking, built tough unit.     

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