Gallows Wood Choose Boniface Recoverer Trident

Gallows Wood Choose Boniface Recoverer Trident


Established in 1963, Gallows Wood have gradually grown over the years to become a very well known, well respected family business operating from Barnetby le Wold in North Lincolnshire. They hold both ISO 9001 and PAS43 accreditation as well as having a National Operators Licence which enables them to recover or transport all kinds of goods, vehicles and equipment.  The business offers rescue, recovery and repair services for all makes and sizes of vehicle from cars and motorcycles to motorhomes, plant equipment and commercial vehicles, and their success has been built around providing exceptional customer service and a prompt response.

A policy of continuous reinvestment and fleet replacement means they are always operating state of the art equipment – ensuring their operatives can get the job done both quickly and safely. For over 23 years, Gallows Wood have owned and operated the latest Boniface equipment.  Nick Curtin commented “the Boniface equipment has always served us well which is why we continue to invest in it. Boniface have always been at the forefront of recovery equipment innovation and over the years have provided us with numerous state of the art vehicles which along with our extremely well trained and motivated staff, have helped us build the business to where it is today”

Gallows Wood’s latest acquisition is this stunning DAF XF530 6x2 fitted with the latest Boniface Recoverer Trident and Maxireach Lowline K underlift boom.  Rated at 100,000lbs the Recoverer Trident is the largest integrated recovery unit sold by Boniface. It features dual 50,000lb capacity winches, power tilt and is available with a range of underlift booms from Miller Industries as well as the longest, lowest Boniface Maxireach range. It is available with a choice of standard legs with flip over feet/spade combination or with side extending rear legs.  This incredible equipment is complimented by Deluxe stainless bodywork and the iconic Stealth Flyer. It also features Boniface’s new modular stowage system which allows items inside the bodies to be re-positioned to suit different drivers and applications. The modular stowage system also makes stowing additional items much easier once the vehicle has left the Boniface factory as the new items can be supplied with stowage brackets that simply slot into place.

To find out more about the Recoverer Trident or any other Boniface product, give us a call on 01842 754232 where one of our friendly team will be happy to help.

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