First Boniface Aluminium 5t VLA for Hammonds of Halesworth

First Boniface Aluminium 5t VLA for Hammonds of Halesworth


Hammonds Recovery of Halesworth, Suffolk are one of Boniface Engineering oldest customers and have a comprehensive range of Boniface products in their growing fleet. When Derek Hammond wanted a truck to move low sports cars as seen in the picture there was only one route to take.

The Boniface 5t VLA was the answer to solve this problem with the ultralow approach angle loading the Nissan GTR was no problem. The VLA complete with 2t second car lift mounted on a 12t MAN achieves a good functional payload making this unit a versatile and robust vehicle to carry out both regular and specialist recoveries.

The VLA is built to meet the Machinery Directive and as such, when the control lever or handset button is released the slide bed stops providing the operator full control of the unit and a quick and precise stop in emergency situations - a class leader in its field.

The aluminium extruded construction makes the VLA ultra strong to withstand the most arduous conditions allowing the operator the confidence to load badly damaged vehicles with no detrimental effect to the body. The galvanized sub frame and aluminium deck negate the need for any paint work apart from the flyer, so maintenance and keeping the vehicle in tip top condition is simple and cost effective.

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