Elite Recovery Choose Boniface

Elite Recovery Choose Boniface


Elite Recovery in Scotland has once again chosen Boniface to supply their next recovery vehicle – this time a Boniface VLA which will service Falkirk and the surrounding areas. Josh and Gavin from Boniface, took a trip north to Elite Recovery to hand over their new vehicle - just a small part of the service that Boniface offers and why it made going back an easy decision. With a number of VLA’s already on the fleet, Elite were extremely confident in the products ability to get the job done and had already experienced it’s simplicity of use, reliability and durability.  The 5T VLA comes as standard with a fully galvanised subframe, sliding winch, full radio remote control with single button operation for body and winch functions. The Boniface product is capable of side winching from the bed via one of the 4 available positions and also offers a low pull facility onto it’s 2t capacity 2nd car lift aiding in the loading of casualty vehicles that would otherwise be rendered immobile. This particular build features numerous optional extras including heavy-duty wheel skates which have been stowed underneath the bed for security but remain easily accessible once on scene with the bed deployed.

Elite Recovery’s roadside recovery service is backed up by a highly equipped workshop, able to complete any work that cannot be fixed at the side of the road. This complete solution along with fantastic customer service and support have seen Elite Recovery earn an excellent reputation both within the industry and from their customer base.

To find out more about the VLA or any other Boniface product, call our friendly sales team on 01842 754232

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