Dynes Order 30 New Heavies from Boniface

Dynes Order 30 New Heavies from Boniface


Although many people do not realise, Dynes was started back in 1947 by the Dynes family, originally as one of the 1st car hire companies in Southeast London. Andy bought into the business in the mid 90’s, and in the year 2000 took over the whole company & relocated it to Dartford in Kent

Initially, Andy was out on the road 24/7, and his wife was in the office taking calls and booking in work.  The Dynes fleet back then, consisted of a Transit van, an Iveco 49.12 spec lift and an Iveco Cargo 75C15 slide-bed, all of which were much more basic than today’s vehicles, but they got the job done and allowed the business to grow.  Dynes at this time only catered for cars, vans, and motorcycles, however when a local operator refused to pick up one of Andy’s new broken-down vehicles, he decided to take his Class 1 licence and buy his 1st heavy recovery vehicle – an Iveco Eurostar 6-wheeler fitted with a Boniface underlift.  From the outset (and still to this day), Andy’s ethos was to “treat people the way you would want to be treated” and provide an outstanding customer experience through reliability, honesty, and trust. As time went on, his dedication and hard work paid off, gaining him a good reputation amongst his customers who in turn recommended him to others and Dynes continued to grow.

Today Dynes is a much larger company with more than 100 vehicles and over 140 staff - many of which have been at Dynes for over 15 years and 7 of the managers being there since Andy acquired the business in 2000.  Andy attributes the success of the business to his fantastic team of staff - their motivation, commitment, loyalty, and skill all helping to shape the business into what it has become. He affectionately refers to the workforce as the “Dynes family” and has done a lot to make the company is a great place to work. Andy commented, “By operating both day and night shifts we create a much better work-life balance for our team than if they were on call all the time. We strive to pay 10% more than the industry standard and give our team the best equipment to work with. Our staff retention rate is excellent, and we find that people want to come and work here”.   In addition to roadside assistance, The Dynes Group operates a workshop where vehicles can be seen going through their MOT, P.M.I schedule and servicing, plus a tyre division that supports many large fleets throughout the UK and a new and nearly new vehicle sales, and vehicle hire on a spot or contract basis.

Like many other companies, changes to the London LEZ in recent years presented challenges to the business as Euro 5 vehicles could no longer be used without paying a penalty. Dynes made the decision to replace their older equipment and invest heavily in new compliant vehicles meaning they now have a very clean, state-of-the-art fleet, all of which are under 5 years old!

When it comes to the Dynes fleet, all their heavy vehicles have been manufactured by Boniface. Both companies have worked synonymously over the years to perfect two variants of heavy recovery vehicle – one based on the Interstater mainly for lift and tow work but with winching capability, the other based on the Recoverer Trident product for heavy winching and accident work but also providing good lift and tow performance.  Both variants feature the Boniface Deluxe Stainless-Steel Bodywork, twin winches, rear legs, Maxireach Lowline Underlift boom, copious amounts of lighting, a huge selection of ancillary equipment ensuring the vehicles can easily cope with any job they are asked to attend and very striking livery.

Investment remains at the heart of Dynes' business strategy. Last September during the Recovery Tow Show, they placed the largest ever order from an independent company with Boniface Engineering, for 30 new heavy-duty recovery trucks which will be a mixture of Boniface Interstater and Recoverer Trident products – all to be delivered over a five-year period with a price tag in excess of £12m. This follows an investment of £10m during the previous three years a lot of which was many financed by Mike Lowe at Creative Funding Solutions.

However, the company not only invests in its own people and equipment but also likes to invest in the local community, providing a variety of sponsorships and recently supplying a minibus to a local school for students with special requirements.

Dynes now operate from a number of bases throughout London, Kent and Essex, and covers the UK via a vetted list of supporting agents. They are PAS-43 and ISO9001: 2008 certificated.

To find out more about Dynes and what they can offer your business visit their web site at www.dynesmotorgroup.co.uk or give them a call on 01322 621430. 

To learn more about the  Interstater, Recoverer Trident or any other Boniface product, call us on 01842 754232 where one of our friendly staff will be happy to help.

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