CWT Choose Boniface for Their 1st New Heavy

CWT Choose Boniface for Their 1st New Heavy


Nottinghamshire based CWT Fleet & Recovery Limited have recently taken delivery of this very impressive looking DAF XF 530 fitted with Boniface Recoverer Trident equipment.

After owning and operating several Boniface Products, Directors Chris Tuckwood and Tom Holland were already familiar with the Boniface product range, but this new DAF named Harry William after Chris’s son – is their first brand new heavy vehicle built specifically for them to meet their exact requirements.


The chassis was ordered to a very high specification and was subsequently fitted with Truckmax stacks behind the cab, a bull bar on the front and a new visor featuring inset marker lights. The stainless-steel bodywork, Stealth flyer with duplicated rear lights and the Recoverer Trident equipment perfectly compliment the DAF’s good looks to create this stunning vehicle.  


When it came to specifying tools and equipment, CWT didn’t hold back either.  The lockers are packed with tools and accessories enabling the operator to easily cope with any job they are required to do – whether that be a simple lift and tow (which will be no problem for the Maxi-reach Lowline boom), a heavy winching job or a complicated recovery.  All items within the lockers have been meticulously stowed using the latest Boniface modular stowage system – which allows items to be easily added or moved within the bodies to suit the operators’ individual needs.


The Recoverer Trident has been carefully engineered to provide exceptional recovery capability using its heavy-duty top boom whilst being light enough to be installed onto a 3-axle vehicle and used for everyday lift and tow work.  It features dual 50,000lb capacity winches, power tilt and is available with a range of underlift booms from Miller Industries or as seen on this vehicle, the longest - lowest Maxireach Lowline K boom manufactured by Boniface.  The equipment may be specified with a choice of standard legs with flip over feet/spade combination or with side extending rear legs both of which provide excellent stability and anchorage.


As you would expect from a Boniface build, the paint finish, build quality and attention to detail is exemplary.  All of this combined with CWT’s striking colour scheme, air brushing and livery makes the vehicle extremely eye catching and promotes a very professional image for the business.


To find out more about the Recoverer Trident or any other Boniface product,  give one of our friendly sales team a call on 01842 754232. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to keep up to date with all the latest news and information.

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