Chisholm’s Choose Boniface


Chisholm’s Recovery of Inverness have taken delivery of an Iveco 70C17 crew cab fitted with the ‘’New Generation’’ Boniface Champion 3.5T Capacity aluminium slide-bed body. Designed to give high payloads and with its rugged construction makes the Champion bed a class leader.

Lever controls at the rear are combined with the valve block and oil tank giving the operator easy access to hydraulic service items all in one place, and a one lever operation makes using this impressive equipment simple and easy. A radio remote control is supplied as standard with an in cab holder which not only secures the unit but charges the batteries in the remote at the same time.

The newly redesigned state of the art electrical system on the Boniface range of slide beds allows easy maintenance and future additions quick and easy via ‘click and connect’ components. This means if you decide to add strobes it is simple through intuitive electronics.

The Iveco chassis is now proven in the recovery field and returns some impressive fuel economy figures. A comfortable air-conditioned cab and sprung driver’s seat ensures long journeys across Scotland are pleasurable.

The Boniface Champion Slide bed is made in the UK with strong aluminium extrusion giving this product the strength and versatility required by operators today.

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