Boniface VLA For Burke Bros

Boniface VLA For Burke Bros


Burke Bros have been a good customer of Boniface over the years and are very familiar with their range of slidebed products. Due to an increase in demand from their work providers as well as taking on new contracts Burke Bros needed to add yet another slidebed to their ever increasing fleet of vehicles.

The Boniface VLA product has been part of the Burke Bros fleet for a number of years now and has proven itself time and time again to be both robust and reliable so it was no surprise that Burke Bros chose Boniface to supply this latest vehicle.

Pictured here is Burke Bros latest MAN 12.250 which has been fitted with a Boniface 5t capacity aluminium VLA slidebed and 2t capacity 2nd car lift. The vehicle has been built to the Burke Bros usual high specification and includes two locker boxes, wrecker kit, full radio remote control for the bed and winch as well as many other accessories specified by Sam. The rugged aluminum deck provides resistance from rust and corrosion keeping the vehicle looking great for much longer than a steel bed. It also provides both increased payload and fuel economy. A standard feature of the VLA is a manually operated sliding 8,000lb hydraulic winch allowing the operator to easily maintain a straight pull on the vehicle’s towing eye. The 2t capacity 2nd car lift is adjustable for both width and tyre size which means the operator can move anything from the smallest car to the largest van. Like most Boniface slide beds, the subframe and tipping frames are galvanized to help prolong equipment life and the body is fitted with LED beacon, work lights and marker lights - all of which will provide years of reliable service.  As well as the Remote control, the VLA also comes with manual lever controls which are housed in a control locker at the rear. Operation of the bed is via a single push button or lever control making the product very user friendly and easy to use.

We are sure Sam’s new vehicle will provide years of reliable service and help promote a good image for his company whilst it’s out on the road.

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