Boniface to Host Brainstorming With the Pros


Don’t miss out on this year’s event which will be hosted on the Boniface stand by internationally acclaimed trainer Tom Luciano of Miller Industries and one of the UK’s premier trainers Nick Ovenden.

For over 46 years, Tom Luciano owned and operated heavy duty recovery vehicles from his own recovery business which was based in the USA. Today he is the worldwide SAE Towability Co/Chairman as well as Miller Industries’ leading trainer, running their Rotator Training School at Miller’s head office in Chattanooga as well as their other heavy duty training classes. Over the years, Tom has owned and operated machinery from many different manufacturers and has vast experience of using all types of heavy equipment.  Working for Miller Industries, the world’s largest manufacturer of towing and recovery equipment, Tom has also gained extensive knowledge in the design and manufacture of world class equipment and learned how to get the most out of it.

To most of you, Nick Ovenden needs no introduction.  Like Tom, Nick has, and still does, own his own recovery business, Ashford Recovery, which is based in Kent. He has a vast knowledge of both light and heavy recovery techniques. Nick is currently the President of the IVR and is one of only two Cat 4 certified trainers in the UK.  On behalf of Miller Industries and Boniface Engineering, Nick regularly travels worldwide delivering specialist training on the full range of Miller products to both civilian and military personnel.  

For those who’ve never attended a Brainstorming With The Pros, Tom and Nick will discuss several recovery situations which will be shown on a large screen located on the Boniface stand.  They will discuss the merits and problems of different rigging techniques, what actually happened during the recovery and how it could have been done differently.  Everyone has different ways of doing the job, everyone is welcome to make suggestions and discuss their ideas with the group and, chances are, everyone will learn something new!

Both Nick and Tom will also be carrying out the demonstrations in the arena during the course of the show so make sure you don’t miss out on the experience and mark September 27th & 28th in your diary.

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