Boniface, Supply, Install and Customise a Century 1140 Rotator for FAM Commercials

Boniface, Supply, Install and Customise a Century 1140 Rotator for FAM Commercials


Miller Industries the parent company of Boniface Engineering produce a wide range of Rotators, from 16 to 100 tons, in 2022 Boniface secured an order from FAM Commercials based in Manchester to supply the 40 ton version, the 1140. This product is suitable for installation onto a three-axle chassis, in this case a Scania 6x4 with a very high specification.

The Scania has 770HP, 10,000KG Front Axle, 30,000KG rear bogie, a technical gross train weight of 110000KG, the highest frame strength available from Scania with an extended inner liner in the chassis frame for extra strength. The cab was to a similar high specification with all the driver aids and comfort features available.

FAM Commercials have a wealth of experience with Rotators, they are one of the first companies to invest in a Century 1075 and have added to their fleet with another 1140 recently, that one installed on  a Volvo 6x4 chassis.

The Century 1140 is standard with two 35,000lb boom winches, FAM selected the option of two 15,000lb turret winches an enhanced feature allowing the operator to utilise four winches to the rear or when lifting to control the roll of a casualty. The Rotator is supported on front underslung legs and rear four stage outriggers, the combination of these provides a stable platform from which to undertake recovery operations. With recovery in mind FAM also opted for the D loop package which enables the operator to redirect or hook back winch ropes to a multitude of different places.

At the rear, the independent under lift is the coach low rider, a combination of long reach and low profile provides the towing capability which when combined with the Scania chassis allows towing of most casualty vehicles the operator is likely to encounter.

FAM Commercials owner Michael Scott allowed the driver of this truck, Johnny Plant a high degree of autonomy in the specification. Johnny chose to customise the vehicle by changing all the accessories that would normally be chrome to having a black finish, exhausts, bull bars, Kelsa bars, light surrounds and even stainless-steel wheel fenders were coated black, the finish product bares testament to his vision as the vehicle is both eye catching and unique.

Boniface will customise their body to suit a client’s preference, the overall shape and proportions were agreed prior to cutting metal, lighting positions, internal body features and on this build access doors in the rear providing access to the most used accessories were all undertaken in consultation with the customer.

The combination of the Century 1140, the installation and custom body work by Boniface, the ideas incorporated from requests from the customer has led to the creation of a magnificent vehicle, a credit to both FAM Commercials and Boniface Engineering. This vehicle will be at the upcoming Tow Show where it will operate in the demonstration area, do come and marvel at the appearance and see that it is not just pretty, it is a capable recovery machine. Boniface are looking forward to the Tow Show, come and see the demo’s and engage with the Boniface team, they are nice people to deal with!

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