Boniface Supply Another Champion To Macadams

Boniface Supply Another Champion To Macadams


With their existing Boniface slidebeds all working hard, Macadams ordered yet more vehicles from Boniface to cope with their ever-increasing workload.  Pictured is the latest addition to their expanding fleet – this time a Boniface Champion slidebed fitted to a new Iveco 70C18 crew cab chassis which looks fantastic in Macadams striking colour scheme.

The Champion is a well-established product used by operators all over the UK and the rest of Europe.  It has an excellent reputation for being a reliable, strong and dependable product which has been rigorously tried and tested over the years.  The Champion copes well with the demands of everyday club jobs and has proven to be strong and durable when dealing with more arduous recovery situations involving accident damaged vehicles.

The product features an integral low approach section within the side raves which helps to make the loading of cars with low spoilers a little easier,  galvanised subframe and tilt frame which prolongs equipment life, a sliding hydraulic winch that can be locked in various positions and ground contact rollers which protect both the knife edge of the bed as well as the surface on which you are loading.  Like all Boniface slidebeds, there are a vast number of optional extras available to customise the product to your exact requirements.  This particular vehicle included numerous extras encompassing skates, which are stowed under the deck to help prevent them being stolen, wrecker kit, cones, radio remote and 2nd car lift to name just a few.

We are sure Doug and his team at Macadams will be delighted with their latest purchase and we look forward to delivering their next vehicle in the very near future.

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