Boniface Supply a Light City to Hinton Rescue

Boniface Supply a Light City to Hinton Rescue


When Hinton Rescue needed a vehicle to operate in multi storey car parks and restricted tight areas the Light City instantly came to mind. Jige are a company within the Miller Industries group who produce a wide range of equipment including the Light City product which is ideal for installation onto Isuzu Yukon or Ford Ranger chassis.

Hinton Rescue’s requirement for a small manoeuvrable vehicle with good lifting performance that was low in height and wouldn’t damage the often painted multi story car park surfaces in a way a tracked vehicle might were all met by the Light City.

The Light City has a lifting capacity of 1700KG retracted and 1200KG at full extension. The boom is fitted with a 3.6 tonne Superwinch with 20m of cable. As well as an uprated rear suspension system the Isuzu Yukon’s standard alloys have been replaced with 17” reinforced alloys. The front bumper has been replaced with a wrap round steel version which acts as ballast as well as a durable push bumper if required.

The polyester body work has been styled to suit the chassis. It is light which helps maximise the vehicles payload whilst providing as much storage as possible.

The vehicle pictured has been fitted with many useful features such as the adjustable light bar mounting that allows the light bar to be dropped down - increasing headroom in a restricted height area, levelling rear air suspension, an on board camera system for ease of operation, jump sockets, front and rear strobes, air compressor and road rollers which are conveniently located at the rear for quick access.

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