Boniface Lowslide Extreme Trailer For Corcoran

Boniface Lowslide Extreme Trailer For Corcoran


When it comes to heavy duty recovery, you can’t beat the Boniface Lowslide Recovery trailer. Purpose built for the demanding challenges faced by the industry, the Lowslide Extreme offers a more comprehensive feature set than any other recovery trailer making it the trailer of choice for any professional operator. After running a conventional trailer for a number of years, Gerry Corcoran of Corcoran Recovery in Ireland decided it was time to buy a purpose built recovery trailer. He visited several companies in the UK and looked at all the different models that were available to him. Gerry spoke to several operators to get a valuable insight into what each trailer was capable of before finally settling on the Boniface Lowslide Extreme trailer.

There are numerous factors which set this trailer apart from the competition.  Take the low deck  heights for example which give the operator more chance of loading tall casualties, especially when the wheels of the casualty are located in the carefully positioned wheel wells that sit in the upper deck of the trailer.  The low deck height and pivoting neck also provide an exceptionally low loading angle for a trailer in this class making it easy to load coaches and other vehicles with low ground clearance. When combined with the Lowslide’s hydraulically powered rear legs the trailer’s hydraulic rear tailboard really comes into play - allowing very heavy loads to be winched onto the deck whilst minimising load on the axles so they can be slid back with ease and without causing unnecessary stress on the tyres.

If it’s versatility you’re looking for then look no further. Not only does the Lowslide have four 12.5t axles and a rating of almost 60 tonnes, but it also includes independently operated front ramps between the upper and lower decks making it much easier to load tractor units and other vehicles which have low slung components that could easily foul the neck of other trailers.

As standard, the Lowslide includes a 30,000lb hydraulic winch with radio remote control, spare wheel and holder, hydraulic front landing legs, expander sockets along the length of the trailer, ISO container locks, planks pit in the centre of the trailer as well as many other useful features.

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