Boniface for Marsden Recovery

Boniface for Marsden Recovery


As a long standing customer of Boniface, Kieran Rice of Marsden Recovery of Belfast N.I wanted a small unit for car parks as well as day to day recovery work, so he contacted us to see what we could do for him.

We sourced a Ford F350 that was at our sister company in France and fitted a Century 301 Express, as this would give them good car park recovery capabilities along with normal road side recovery.

The 301 was installed by Boniface with a clutch pump PTO allowing engagement of the PTO when reversing up to a casualty vehicle also, in-cab controls ‘Snatcher’ hydraulically operated grids allow the operator to pickup a stranded vehicle quickly and safely without the need to alight from the cab in the first instance.

With a steel body and aluminium tubular flyer the 301 Express also has a set of dollies to allow the vehicle to lift and tow casualties that have all 4 wheels locked or damaged. The beacon is mounted on hinged brackets to enable it to be swung down to gain access to low height car parks.    

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