Boniface Display Team – A GERMAN TOW SHOW SUCCESS

Boniface Display Team – A GERMAN TOW SHOW SUCCESS


Once again, the Boniface Display team visited the German Tow Show in Kassel and came away with high praise from German operators. The professionalism of the Boniface team was also commented on by the organizers of the show as well as the crowds attending. Boniface were at the show to assist their German distributor - Wolfgang Brechtel GmbH.

The display centred around the recovery of a tanker and the team showed this operation using first an Interstater Mk6 with Maxireach Lowline H boom fitted to a Scania 8x4 chassis and then, the same demonstration but using a Century 9055 with RXP Sidewinder fitted to an 8x4 Mercedes.  Both units showing their versatility and power in different ways at the demo whilst the team worked tirelessly in 30 degree heat to carry out the display.

The crowds were treated to a fine demonstration of Boniface equipment in action with the attending operators interested in the rolling of the unit using the 2 different recovery techniques that Nick and his team have learnt over the years.

A number of different rigging techniques were used during the various demonstrations over the 3 days of the show; 12t snatch blocks were used in different applications to assist the delicate recovery of the tanker safely and without damage.  These techniques have been tried and tested by the team during their many years of practical recovery experience.

Our thanks go to Nick Ovenden, Jason Farnell, Jordy Morgan and Mark Hartell who kept the action going and created this excellent demo scenario.  

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