Boniface Deliver More New Vehicles for Richford Motor Services

Boniface Deliver More New Vehicles for Richford Motor Services


Richford Motor Services have an impressive fleet of over 100 light and heavy vehicles all of which are immaculately presented and rigorously maintained to an exceptionally high standard. Their continued investment program has resulted in their becoming one of the largest operators in the country and due to their continued hard work and excellent reputation within the industry for getting the job done professionally, their business continues to grow year on year. 

As you’d expect from such a large, well established operator, when it comes to equipment, they know exactly what works for their business and what doesn’t. Although there may be lower cost alternatives available in the market place, Richford Motors always specify high quality products that will provide years of reliable service despite the very tough working conditions and hours of use, along with a manufacturer that can respond quickly and offer fast support and backup on the rare occasions it is needed.

It’s no wonder then that Richford have just taken delivery of another four 12 tonne MAN chassis all of which are fitted with the latest Boniface 5 tonne VLA transporter body and 2nd car lift. The product has been rigorously tried and tested by the company over the past few years and proved a reliable and useful addition to the fleet especially when moving prestige vehicles, lowered sports cars or vans with long rear overhangs. As always, Richford didn’t just have a standard build, they instead opted to add a host of additional equipment ensuring the vehicles are able to cope with any job they are sent to recover.  The Boniface VLA’s standard features include full radio remote control, sliding hydraulic winch, fully galvanized subframe which helps prolong the life of the equipment, aluminium side under-run protection, tough aluminium deck and ground contact rollers that are smooth and quiet in operation.

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