Boniface Champions Head to Highway

Boniface Champions Head to Highway


Being established for over 40 years, Highway Recovery are an extremely well-known and respected company within the industry. During this time they have not only been an operator, but also, a manufacturer of recovery vehicles and so they know a thing or two about recovery and recovery equipment. Since they began, Highway believed that having well trained, knowledgeable staff operating the latest equipment would stand them in good stead for the future.  This has proved to be a well-found ethos and has resulted in an exceptional reputation for delivering a quality, reliable service to their loyal customer base.  Today, they continue to invest in staff training and state of the art equipment which has led to the delivery of these latest two vehicles from Boniface.  

Pictured are two new 70C18 Iveco Daily chassis which due to their excellent payload and fuel economy have become very popular within the industry and available from stock at Boniface as they are ideally suited to both their VLA and Champion products.  Like many operators throughout the country, Highway have owned and operated Champion aluminium slidebeds for many years and they have proven to be a robust and reliable product which is why when it came to adding new vehicles to the fleet, Highway had no hesitation in choosing Boniface.

These latest Champion aluminium slidebeds feature fully galvanized subframe and tilt frame, the same very strong and durable aluminium deck, sliding hydraulic winch, radio remote control, slimline LED beacon, LED work lights, rear tow bar and many other options to meet Highways exact specifications.

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