Boniface Build A Unique Vehicle For Crouch

Boniface Build A Unique Vehicle For Crouch


One of the last processes that Boniface undertake before delivering a truck to a customer is testing, this is undertaken to establish stability and to check the structural integrity of the equipment and the interface between equipment and chassis. Recently we tested a unique vehicle built for Crouch Recovery, a Mercedes 6X6 chassis installed with an Interstater MK6. The equipment was installed with two huge Sepson 30,000KG winches mounted side by side on bespoke mounting arrangement that allows the operator to observe operations from the safety of a platform installed in front of the winches. To provide all round recovery operation the chassis has a front winch installed on a ballast bumper, the PTO has been configured to allow the driver to both winch and drive up to 10 kph. Being able to undertake winching and driving simultaneously is a significant advantage when having to self-recover, the winch when operated independently can be deployed forward when either more ground anchorage is required or when access to a casualty is limited.

When testing stability the boom lifts till the front wheels are clear of the ground, the load noted in both the closed and extended under lift positions, the load that can be carried within the front axle capacity is calculated. The boom capacity can be tested with the legs at the rear deployed, an Interstater has a capacity of 33 tonnes retracted and 9 tonnes extended, a product that has been developed by Boniface over the last 40 years. The experience gained by Boniface over the years and their investment in testing provides many customers the confidence to purchase the Interstater as their recovery equipment of choice.

Further testament to Boniface’s engineering is Crouch’s request for a bogie block device to be designed and fitted to the Mercedes 6x6, a device that applies a load to the rear axle, this has the effect of increasing the theoretical wheel base, during the test the axle loads at the rear were measured while the load was applied to the boom. The testing demonstrated a 10% increase in stability, which significantly improves the towing performance of what is an extremely versatile truck for Crouch.

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