Another Boniface Interstater for McPhie Recovery

Another Boniface Interstater for McPhie Recovery


George Mc Phie and Son of Linlithgow, Scotland are very familiar with the Interstater product from Boniface, in fact they were the first user of the MK6 version when it was introduced in back in 2004. The fact that they have remained with the brand over the years bares testament to both Boniface and the Interstater, the latter now in its MK6K guise provides the reach, power and practicality expected of state of the art towing equipment the former due to the strong relationship developed over the years between the two companies.


That strong relationship was founded on the connection between Michael Boniface and George Mc Phie, both practical engineers that would discuss all manner of recovery related products at exhibitions and events as far apart as the Florida Tow Show to Truckfest Scotland. Michael would light heartedly discourage George from investing in his son’s racing career, Gary raced karts with Lewis Hamilton, suggesting the money would be better spent on recovery equipment. Sadly, George passed away in 2019, and the operation of the business was taken over by Gary and his mother Lorna, fortunately Gary didn’t begrudge Michaels advice to his father and the relationship has continued with Mc Phie’s latest investment in the Interstater MK6.


The INTERSTATER MK 6 with Maxi-Reach Boom has a maximum lift capacity of 33t when retracted at 2.04 meters and an impressive maximum lift capacity of 9T when fully extended at 4.34 metres.  The new K Boom offers the same performance but its friction reducing design allows the boom to retracted whilst fully loaded.  The rear hydraulic stabiliser legs provide a solid footprint when operating the equipment and with the use of the flip over spades provide excellent anchorage for the twin 15,000kg winches during heavy winching operations.  Boniface also offer hydraulic side extending rear legs which increase the footprint and stability of the vehicle during complex or side winching tasks.

The Interstater’s Deluxe stainless-steel bodywork is hand crafted to provide the operator with a bespoke product.  With the vast range of equipment operators are required to carry, the team at Boniface are skilled at manufacturing custom stowage solutions that ensure the finished product provides years of seamless and hassle-free operation.  

A cab mounted radio remote control and rear-view camera system allows the driver to operate the equipment from his seat. This allows deployment of the equipment prior to getting out of the cab and reduces time spent on the roadside.  The Interstater features a well laid out, easy to use control panel in the rear locker as well as a plug-in wander lead providing the operator with a choice of operation modes to meet the specific task he is trying to complete. 

Speedliner is a hard-wearing rubberised paint solution providing a durable textured finish to the inside of the lockers, protecting them from the inevitable chips and scratches caused by the everyday removal and replacement of equipment, this is another standard feature of Boniface bodywork. The latest Interstater supplied was coated with yellow Speedliner to provide a bright interior inside the lockers. 

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