A Legacy on a Champion for Ashford Recovery

A Legacy on a Champion for Ashford Recovery


Nick Ovenden is a name that is known throughout the world of recovery and whilst being  known for his own hard work and dedication, the Ovenden name and Ashford Recovery started with his father Jack Ovenden back in 1958.  2022 would have been Jack’s 100th birthday and to mark the occasion, the team decided to add a new vehicle to the fleet and dedicate it to him.

Boniface have a long-standing relationship with Nick Ovenden through his work with the IVR, his assistance with our demonstrations at the Tow Show and as an instructor who often provides training on Boniface and Miller products both here in the UK and the rest of the world.  Nick approached Boniface about this very special build and after several discussions decided a 5t Champion slidebed with 2 tonne 2nd car lift would be the best option for Ashford’s requirements and work started on this impressive vehicle.

The Champion slidebed is a strong, reliable, and extremely dependable product – ideal for everyday transportation as well as more challenging recovery situations. Available in both 3.5t and 5t capacities – the Champion is ideally suited to chassis in the range of 7t to 12t GVW and can be fitted in conjunction with either a 2nd car lift or rear tow bar.  Standard features of the product include galvanised subframe and tilt frames which prevent rusting and prolong equipment life, sliding hydraulic winch enabling a straight pull onto the casualty vehicle and an initial low approach section within the side raves which helps when loading low vehicles. As with all Boniface products there are numerous options available to fully customise the product to your exact requirements.  Ashford’s 12t MAN was specified with 4 chassis mounted lockers with internal lighting, low pull facility to the bed enabling vehicles to be winched onto the 2nd car lift, 4 x side winching points, radio remote control with cab holder - buzzer and charger, LED beacon, LED work lights, Hula Blitz strobe lights fitted to the sides of the flyer and side raves increasing visibility when the bed is deployed, wrecker kit, pathway lights and much more.

When combined with the 12t MAN and some striking graphics, this Champion slidebed is a credit to the Ashford Recovery fleet and a fitting tribute to the man who started it all many years ago.

To find out more about the Champion slidebed or any Boniface product, call one of our friendly sales team on 01842 754232.  Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram for the latest news.

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