Whatever the weather we get it done. Delivery of these two units was scheduled for 1st March but as we all know the beast from the East worked its magic for us and gave us plenty of snow and hopefully work.

With the trucks ready before the 1st March deadline and the snow coming down thick and fast cancelling the delivery was not an option for the Boniface team, so with flask and big coats we ventured out.

The IVECO chassis were sure footed and a pleasure to drive from Thetford to Eastbourne and as you will see by the photos the trucks were covered in road grime from the journey and all the car wash facilities frozen along the way (-5 degrees).

The equipment mounted onto the IVECO chassis was the CHAMPION 3.5t aluminium slide-bed with second car lift, these are the next generation of Boniface slide beds with features such as combined valve block lever and tank, Lite wire wiring system, Boniface type approved side under run.

These vehicles were fitted with side mount capstans, sliding winch and hooped flyer along with the Jige style second car lift making these units very versatile when operating in rural areas.

To complete the builds the sign writing was done in-house so the vehicles could be used as soon as they were delivered.

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