Our 30th Anniversary - Eat, Drink And Be Victorious

So now we have established the following;


1. You are either an athlete– defending the honour of your company against the most determined of competitors in our arena


2. You are one of the industries great thinkers – expanding your knowledge about our extensive product range then taking on your peers in our product related quiz


It’s now time to let you know what else is going on...

After all the competitions are done, let us entertain you with some uplifting music and some delicious BBQ cuisine. The victorious will be recognised and rewarded in our prestigious awards ceremony, after which, our most spectacular grand prize draw will commence - culminating in our biggest ever prize giveaway. Only those attending the event will be eligible to win so make sure you have registered for your free tickets.


Thetford is a small town with only a few hotels so for those who plan to stay we have managed to secure a very limited number of rooms but you need to act quickly and let us know if you need one. We may also be able to help find camp sites which will cater for motor homes, caravans and tents. Please let us know if you need our help to find a suitable site and we will endeavour to help.


For those who have not yet registered, it only takes a few moments - click here to be taken to our registration page.


Don’t forget, you need to be at the event and registered for your chance to win!

Seek Out Some of The Hidden Gems Around Our Factories!

If you’re more of a gymophobic than an elite athlete and believe the body is simply transport for the brain, then how about more of a mental challenge?


As you explore our facilities we challenge you to look deeper into the inner workings of the Interstater, Recoverer Trident, and other well known Boniface products, talking to the skilled craftsmen who build and customise them finding out more about our products than your competitors. Answering questions as you go this will be a tough but rewarding mental challenge that will broaden your knowledge of Boniface product design and implementation. There can however be only one victorious contender – will it be you?


To be in with a chance of winning you need to have registered for our 30th birthday celebration. If you’ve not already done so, click here now and complete the form.                                                                            


Let The Games Begin....

Nominate your members of staff to take part in our Olympic style events.


Beat the winch – Individual and team event

Express Loading

Rotator bucket skills test

Slidebed speed test

Snatch n go


Are you fitter, faster and more agile than your competitors?


Register your gladiator now.


Registration is free and only takes a moment – click here to go to the registration page.                      


Limited Edition Vehicles – Will Your Vehicle Be On Show?


To celebrate our 30 years in business we will be producing a range of limited edition vehicles featuring some special 30th anniversary livery, new paint finishes and trims. These will only be produced in 2012 so why not place your order for a 30th anniversary truck now ahead of the crowd?


The first 3 operators to order their Limited Edition trucks will also be able to have them on display at the event and featured in the press write up after the show.


Don’t miss your chance to win our biggest prizes ever!


To be in with a chance you need to have registered and be at our 30th Anniversary event in Thetford.


Registration is free and only takes a moment – click here to go to the registration page.


Do you have an old Interstater in your fleet? If so, why not bring it along to our 30th anniversary open day here at Thetford - the home of the Interstater.

Could it be one of the first Interstaters also approaching it’s 30th birthday and still going strong? Is it still on it’s original chassis?  If the answer to these questions is ‘yes’ then you could be in line for a great prize on the day.

For more information on our own Olympic event contact us for more details and to reserve a space .              

Boniface Engineering 30th Anniversary - Olympic Event 

As you are all aware, 2012 will see the Olympic Games come to London where a group of elite athletes will compete with each other not only for a Gold medal but also the respect of their peers.

The first organised Olympic Games dates back to 776BC - a time when the best of the best came together to compete against each other in the 100 yard dash which at the time was the only event. Even then, men wanted to prove themselves by becoming victorious and taking the most coveted prize a wreath made from the leaves of a sacred olive tree that grew behind the temple of Zeus.

Now – there aren’t many temples or olive trees in Thetford and we realise that not many of you are Olympic athletes but if you’re a professional Recovery Operator who’s up for a challenge – you need to sign up for our 30th anniversary event!

Part of our celebrations will include The Boniface Games – a challenge requiring skill, knowledge and sheer determination. Have you got what it takes to beat the competition and claim the prize?

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